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Title: All CURE Night Tonight!
Post by: Medusa on March 29, 2006, 11:24:00 am
Hello Everyone!
 I've been out of town for a long while and hence out of touch with the board!
 But I wanted to let you know all know about our all CURE night that DJ Strange and I are DJ'ing tonight (Wed. Mar. 29th).
 I know the Stellastarr*/Editors gig is tonight at the club, but if you are not going, and/or want something to do after the show, check us out!
 It's also our LAST EVENT since The Blue Room is closing (turning completely into Bourbon [a restaurant]).  So it will be the last time you can hear us spin for a while!  It'd be great to see you there!  :)
 All of the details: http://www.medusapromotions.com/lovecats.htm (http://www.medusapromotions.com/lovecats.htm)
 DJ Medusa.