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kosmo vinyl:
Welcome to the new and improved 9:30 forum!  At this point the forum has similar features to the old one, with the significant addition of being able to search old posts.  Fancy stuff like Avatars, signatures, polls, plus many other features are under consideration to added.  Making no specific promises on anything.

For those of you wanting to change the user name displayed in the forum, this is how it can be done.

Click Profile Button
In the "Modify Profile" section on the left, click the "Account Related Settings" link.
On this page there is a field called "Name" where you can enter the name you wish displayed on the forum.
Enter your current password at the bottom and click the "Change Profile Button"

One thing to be aware of is that one of user profile settings available at one point in the old forum was making ones email address available publicly.   This setting has been transferred over and if you are concerned about your email address, be sure to update the profile page to hide it.
The setting to hide your email address is also located on the "Account Related Settings" page.  Check the "Hide email address from public" box.

Now that the forum is visible by guests, I ask for the time being a little restraint is in order.  While behaving badly is a bit of sport around here, just remember that anyone including your mother could be reading the forum. 

kosmo vinyl:
Here is a good guide to posting on the forum.

kosmo vinyl:
Not interested in seeing this message when posting "Warning - while you were typing a new reply has been posted. You may wish to review your post."

You can change under it for your own profile.

Profile > Look & Layout > Don't warn on new replies made while posting.

kosmo vinyl:
Liked the Quick Reply feature on the old forum? A similar feature can be enabled here as well.

It can be turned on by going to your Profile Settings.

Profile > Look & Layout > Use quick reply on topic display


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