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Season 2 of Ozark was pretty good (7.5/10). Better than season 1. They definitely focused much more on the women in season 2. Charlotte is kind of meh but Wendy, Ruth, and Darlene are great. I was disappointed in the finale. Obviously we are getting a season 3.

I first heard of this show the other day. How does it compare to Justified?

Similar settings and both stories revolve around crime, but that's about the extent of it.  There are no real "good" guys in Ozark and the bad guys aren't as colorful as in Justified.  There's no Raylan-Boyd dynamic.  And Jason Bateman's character isn't really likable nor could he carry the show on his own.  In terms of entertainment - it's nowhere near as good as Justified's good seasons, but it's better than the weak ones.