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thinking about going to Ft Reno tomorrow...anyone heard of any of these?
Thursday, July 19 NIGHT OF 1000 CAKES:    Baby Alcatraz / Matt Borlik / Jerry Busher / Kathy Cashel / John Davis/ DC Public Library/ Jason Hutto / Vin Novara /  Katy Otto / Chris Richards / Taffety Punk Theatre Company / Betsy Wright
Betsy Wright of Ex Hex and Bat Fangs. Few people are more rock'n'roll than she is.
Borlik, Davis, and Richards are all from Q and not U.
Jerry Busher was the second percussionist for Fugazi.  He was also in French Toast.
Was a beautiful evening out at Ft. Reno for this show and ended up with hanging with Boardie Challenged

Betsy wright was just her and a guitar, very mellow, but that was fun (the whole bat fangs band was in attendance)
the interpretive dance, Jason Hutto keyboard playing and the 9 minute snare drum solo set (Vin Novara) were really not
Also was annoying for a band to take 20 mins to set only play one song then have to wait 20 mins for the next band

I wasn't surprised to see Ian and his signature Pork Pie Hat in attendance... to only be surprised when he took the stage and treated the crowd to an unannounced Evens set with his wife Amy
John Davis and Chris Richards (not a Pain Branch Reunion they said) were really solid, John D did two songs solo first and Chris joined him for the last song of the night on vocals/floor tam (and a bandanna over his head?)

Such a great venue and mission
Amazing that DC has been putting on free concerts there for 50 years!
There was lots of "I remember being in the crowd 25 years ago and then on the stage with my other band in xx"
and of course some free cake :)

Looking forward to seeing Flasher there on the 2nd

Also pro tip...don't ride your bike unless your ready for some serious hills...4.5 mile ride 560ft vertical climb!
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Re: Post Show Banter >>>>
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I hear Jiffy Lube Live is a bit of a ghost town for Arcade Fire, and they closed the lawn entirely and upgraded everyone with a lawn ticket to a seated area.