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Re: Concert Posters
« Reply #90 on: September 23, 2004, 11:39:00 am »
Did anyone get the 9:30 club poster?  I ordered two, haven't gotten them yet.

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Re: Concert Posters
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Did anyone get the 9:30 club poster?  I ordered two, haven't gotten them yet.

Did you get them yet?

Looks like you can get some old the Iota posters off of their old website if you've got the money to blow.

The following posters are for sale. Most are signed to IOTA, with a few also naming J&S. A few have life scars or tape from our walls but all are authentic and we wish we could keep them! As fast as we can, we're posting them for viewing on facebook: iotaclubandcafe and twitter: @IOTAclub.

Poster size w x h inches. Cash or PayPal and carry. No refunds. Pick up from location near IOTA's former spot in Clarendon. Easy peasy. Great gifts. Text only 703.470.2627 (Jane) re sale and connection.

Valerie June, show 8-18-2013, 17 x 11 glossy, signed to IOTA. SOLD, thank you.
Erika Wennerstrom of The Heartless Bastards, show 5-11-2017 supporting first solo album Sweet Unknown, 18 x 24 screen print. Sold, thank you.
Wovenhand w/ Silver Summit, show 10-17-2008, 19 x 25 print by Jeffrey Everett with El Jefe Design seal on the reverse side,signed to IOTA, $225.
John Paul White of The Civil Wars, solo show 6-17-2016, 18 x 24 screen print, signed w/o IOTA, $225.
Diane Birch,show 7-21-2009 supporting CD Bible Belt, 12 x 18 glossy, signed to IOTA, two available $75 each.
Jim Lauderdale,show 5-20-2010 supporting CD Patchwork River, 11 x 17 glossy, signed to IOTA, $125
Katzenjammer, show 7-10-2010, 19-3/4 x 27-1/2 glossy prereleased for 9-9-2011 CD A Kiss Before You Go, $175.
Clem Snide, Eef Barzelay solo show 11-9-2005 supporting CD End of Love,18-1/8 x 24 screen print, signed to IOTA, $225.
Erin McKeown, show 10-23-2010 celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Distillation, 10 x 26 screen print,signed to IOTA and J&S, $125.
These United States, 10-30-2010 Halloween Bash,14-1/2 x 22 screen print, signed to IOTA, $125.
John Doe & The Sadies, show 5-8-2009 supporting CD Country Club, 26 x 13-1/4 screen print by GHdesign, signed to IOTA and J&S, $175.
Eilen Jewell, show 5-9-2009 or 9-1-2009 supporting 2009 release of Sea of Tears,13-1/8 x 18-3/8 YeeHaw Letterpress signed to IOTA $175; and 11 x 17 matte signed to IOTA $125.
Drivin' n' Cryin', show 8-12-2011, 18 x 24 glossies, two signed to IOTA, I give an IOTA... or To the IOTA...Great to be back..., $150 each.
Parsonsfield, show 5-21-2016 supporting Blooming Through Black released in September 2016, 11 x 17 paper, signed to IOTA, $75.
The Infamous Stringdusters, two shows 5-13and14-2010, 11 x 17 matte signed to IOTA, $175.
Fanfarlo, show 12-11-2009 supporting debut album Reservoir, 11 x 17 signed w/o IOTA, $175.
The Rescues, featuring Kyler England, Adrianne Gonzales, and Gabriel Mann; show 8-30-2009, 11 x 17 matte, signed w/o IOTA, $175.
Laura Marling, show 5-16-2010 supporting I Speak Because I Can, 11 x 17 matte signed to IOTA, $125.
Dawes, show 2-23-2010 supporting CD North Hills, 11 x 17 matte signed to IOTA, $175, SOLD, thank you.
Justin Jones, two shows 5-4and5-2012 supporting Fading Light, 19 x 25 screen print, signed to IOTA, $175.