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Club Dreams
« on: September 30, 2013, 11:01:15 am »
Every once in a while, including this past weekend, I dream about going to see GWAR at the club.

In my dream, I know I'm going to Nightclub 9:30, but instead of it being the building we all know, it is a renovated theatre, with a staircase out front and red velvet seats and curtains.  The crowd is seriously riled up awaiting the show.  The lights come down, but instead of GWAR appearing on stage, they come down the aisles and start to terrorize the crowd.  And there are like 20 of them instead of 5 (or 6?).  After messing with the fans a bit, they jump up on stage and play a killer show :)

Anybody else have club dreams?


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Re: Club Dreams
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i am gay and i like cats

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Re: Club Dreams
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im sorry . . . this title makes me think of old eighties straight porn magazines