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The High Speed Scene
« on: June 05, 2005, 10:47:00 am »
Man, I was first in line...I got there at 5:45pm to see the HSS. I met Max outside the club and he was cool as hell. I got him to sign my N.E.R.D hat and the best was yet to come. We got front row when we got inside and the first band was pretty good. Before High Speed went on I called Max over and asked if I could get some drum sticks after the performance. He totally agreed. They F*ck'n rocked the place and prepared to leave. I just knew he would forget, but he didn't. Before the Futureheads went on he ran up to us in front of the barrier and gave me and my bandmate Tirrell single signed sticks by everyone in the band. I guess the service charge was worth it. What a show.......!!!!