may seem like a silly question, but i've been to maybe only four or five shows at the club, and after the arctic monkeys show last night, i was just wondering how people get into those two "boxes" above the stage on either side? i'm assuming it's exclusive since one can only buy tickets for ga.
 also, when you're upstairs and on the left, i guess sort of towards the top, that bar area... the lower part of the bar area with the really awesome view is roped off... what qualifies people to get in there?
 thanks for answering my questions, i was just curious since i am relatively new to the 930 club.

Sage 703:
hey safin~
 the boxes on either side of the stage are the balconies for the artist's backstage areas - the one on the right (if you're facing the stage) is almost always closed off, but the one on the left is for the main green room and bands often watch the other acts from there.
 the roped off area upstairs - near the bar - is for people with VIP silks.
 welcome to the board.

Sir HC:
The one out front is not always roped off too, just sometimes.  Some shows it is there for everyone.


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