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Re: Amazon & Arlington a ❤️
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Turn away 25k high paying jobs which creates a lot more jobs in the process.  Nice work NY.


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Re: Amazon & Arlington a ❤️
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maybe NYC decided that $120,000/job was too much of a subsidy, and that they could invest that money elsewhere?  would take a long time for the city and state to recoup that investment... and that's assuming that all 25k jobs were created @ $3B subsidies.  25k is also the max number of jobs they offered... say for <reasons> only half as many jobs were created (economic downturn, disruptive competitor, etc) - then those jobs would cost $240K each, aka the city and state may never recoup.

i don't blame NYC.  amazon is the new shiny thing and people threw a lot of money around to attract it.  i'm not sure the economics are there... so you're paying for - what?  prestige?  name recognition?  NYC don't need none of that...

(FYI, Seattleites are OVER amazon.  they run this town and folks aren't happy about it.  city tried passing a head-tax on large corps this summer, amazon brought pressure to kill the initiative.  they run this town...)
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Re: Amazon & Arlington a ❤️
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if the rest of the board didn't know why Hutch and I proudly call Arlington our home, now bezos wants some

Arlington has been named "America's Most Handsome City."

flattery will get you everywhere