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Re: This week rollcall
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Vas Deferens

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Re: This week rollcall
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make it an open relationship ...?

I'll tell that to my wife, who "hates" live music. And often makes it so miserable that I prefer to go by myself (or meet others there, when I'm lucky.)

Then she proceeds to say that there's no way I'm actually going to all those shows (like two or three a month, often less)....I must be having an affair. As if women (or men) are lining up to sleep with a 56 year old guy with long thinning hair (this is DC, not Boulder), a paunch, a salary in the low 100's, and a dick that doesn't work like it did 30 years ago.

But I digress.


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Re: This week rollcall
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Joy Oladokun