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Who Killed Bambi?
« on: February 04, 2016, 08:49:09 pm »
This, for the benefit of future rock historians, is the transcript of a screenplay I wrote in the summer of 1977. It was tailored for the historic punk rock band the Sex Pistols, and was to be directed by Russ Meyer and produced by the impresario Malcolm McLaren. It still carried its original title, "Anarchy in the U.K.," although shortly after I phoned up with a suggested title change, which was accepted: "Who Killed Bambi?" I wrote about this adventure in my blog entry McLaren & Meyer & Rotten & Vicious & me. Discussions with Meyer, McLaren and Rene Daalder led to this draft. All I intend to do here is reprint it. Comments are open, but I can't discuss what I wrote, why I wrote it, or what I should or shouldn't have written. Frankly, I have no idea.


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Re: Who Killed Bambi?
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You haven't posted enough on this forum to warrant this thread.


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Re: Who Killed Bambi?
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dramatic music cue scene: bob arrival

footsteps.. squeaky door opening..cut to dark room with limited light..a couple of people hunched over their laptops mainly copy pasting links for gifs, checking for concert on sales/passwords, and snickering to themselves while they get some digs guy in the corner is drinking from a tiny glass..looks like an ounce of beer.. in another corner lie a pile of yuengling bottles...a third corner has a minibar and some mixed drinks set up...

more footsteps.. squeaky door now fully open

he just walks on in pulls up a chair kicks the boots off and places his feet on the table while lighting a cigarrette....blows smoke rings....

shock and disbelief on the eyes of the regulars...who is this maniac??
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Re: Who Killed Bambi?
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not sure I 100% agree with jaded on that one
good find though

I love the soundtrack to this almost more than NMTB
with Sid's awesome rendition of My Way, I wanna be me and Steppin Stone
'we don't need permission for anything' before launching into substitute says it all
that disco medley was always a fun pick when I was an amateur dj

But the Medley they do of Johnny b goode/roadrunner is one of my all time favorite recorded moments in rock and roll history
it's sloppy as shit and quite amateurish...but that's the beauty of it to me
Steve and Paul are quite tight and wouldn't work if they couldn't keep it going
it obviously not planned or staged which makes it more authentic than other stuff they did

the transition between the two is what always seals the deal for me
the way Johnny say torture really always make me grin with delight

'ey, I know, oi, oi, Steve -- Roadrunner!
Should we do roadrunner?
'ey, that's fuckin' awful -- stop it.
Stop it; it's fuckin' awful!
Aaah! Torture.
Duh ug duh duh duh duh mah eyah
I donno the words!
I donno'ow it starts; I've forgotten it!
Hold on; stop the segment. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop.
Check out what how it starts. What's the first line?

[Paul:] One, two, three, four, five, six!

[Johnny:] Alright, can you start at the beginning, then?

[Paul:] Roadrunner, roadrunner, It's not 'ard!

[Johnny:] I can't hear you, Paul.

[Paul:] Roadrunner, roadrunner, go...

Going thousand miles an hour
Awith the radio on
Aroadrunner, roadrunner
Aeuhmuh thousand miles an hour
Oh, God, I don't know it...
I drove past the Stop 'n' Shop
And I wah by the Stop 'n' Shop