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How was the Aslin party? Any highlights/disappointments?

The first few Aslin fests tricked me into thinking I like attending these things... Yesterday reminded me why I probably won't attend another one for years to come.

It wasn't bad by any means but shit loads of people every where (Kai told me 3,100 tickets were sold) and to be honest actually way too many beers. I refuse to wait in line for any beer and went there without any beers I had to try. By 4pm there was basically no beer left.

A couple favorites

Barreled Souls - Stay Puft (Imperial Stout with Marshmallows)
Sapwood - Galactic Burst (haaaze)
More - Another haaaze beer, can't even recall the name
Abraxas is always a treat and it's interesting to see how you could walk up and get 5oz pours at leisure vs. hype pastrys with 20 people deep