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Re: 20 predictions for the music biz
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Will NOT happen
Musicians will find ways to capture 80-90% of the revenue from their music. This is already happening at Bandcamp, but the trend will spread rapidly. A whole host of other platforms will emerge that give most of the money to the artist and only keep a small percentage for themselves.

Will Happen
AI-driven robots will increasingly replace DJs at dance clubs. Club owners will insist that the algorithm is better at pleasing customers than a human being

Streamed music events will generate more income than live concerts.

Record labels wonít disappear, but will live mostly off the income from their publishing catalogs

I don't know if I want to live anymore if this does happen (jez, I guess I'll be 71, so might be spared)
A hit song by a K-Pop band will still be in the top 40 after four years.
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