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De-Evolution Is Real: The Restored Films of DEVO + Q&A with DEVO's Gerald Casale and Mark Mothersbaugh and restorationist Peter Conheim
at AFI
may 16th

The 50th anniversary of the group known as DEVO has occasioned a deep restoration and remastering project of the band's film, video and audio archives. Formed at Kent State University in the grim wake of the 1970 National Guard student massacre, DEVO emerged from its spud cocoon as a hydra-headed music, art and film collective whose rare early musical provocations would give way to perhaps the most subversive, whip (it)–smart pop group of the 20th century (with gold records to its credit). Filmmaking and music were intertwined from the beginning, resulting in the canonical short films IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE END: THE TRUTH ABOUT DE-EVOLUTION (1976), SATISFACTION (1978), THE DAY MY BABY GAVE ME A SURPRIZE (1979) and the infamous WHIP TEASE aka WHIP IT (1980), among others, in collaboration with co-director Chuck Statler. This program features new restorations and reconstructions of these titles, along with restored versions of the video-based works that followed, such as GIRL U WANT and FREEDOM OF CHOICE (1980) and their devolved Hendrix cover, RU EXPERIENCED (1984), restored from its original 35mm negative. Also included is a brand-new 4K restoration of Bruce Conner's MONGOLOID (1977), never-before-seen 16mm footage from DEVO's 1977 breakthrough appearance at NYC's Max's Kansas City, the saga of long-suffering record label boss Rod Rooter and much more. (Note courtesy of Peter Conheim and Cinema Preservation Alliance.)
Film and video restoration by Peter Conheim and Cinema Preservation Alliance, from the archives of DEVO, Inc. MONGOLOID restoration courtesy of the Bruce Conner Trust. Additional archival footage provided by Daphne Shaw.


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Re: Recommend some good movies!
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Yeah I might have to go to that.