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i got my lerners permit today!!!!!!! so i will be learnig to drive!!!!!! SWEET DREAMS
 i raped that test. it was easier then pissing off markie and being ignored by u peoples. all the time spent waiting on line outside alone before a show at 930 paid off in the wonderful wait at the DMV.  i was observing this hot chick for a couple hours. she was "hit the couch hot" o my god u should have seen her....so i enjoyed the dmv and going to best buy afterwards.....

Ahhhhh Flawd I wish I knew you were going. I need to get a drives license too.

that would have been....interesting.....if you said something......
 i went to the one in sterling....

what does "hit the couch hot" mean?

fall over, hit the couch, couple words like damn and shit and bang, and............(or thats what it means to me)


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