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Re: Books
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Short list entries are out for the Man Booker Prize.   Loved the Auster book.  Anyone read the others?                                                                                                 

Just finished Exit West.  I liked it a great deal - 8.5/10.  I am a fan of Hamid's writing style.  He's got this sort of sparse but elegant stream-of-consciousness thing going on.  Just like he did in the Reluctant Fundamentalist, he's able to take a really heavy topic and spin a very intimate, relatable yarn around it.  I think magical realism has become an overused device in recent years, but it works in this book.

Thanks, I'll check my local library for that one

Thanks GGW-  Enjoyed Exit West, Reluctant Fundamentalist (how's the movie?) and Moth Smoke.

 Read Hari Kunzru's White Tears recently, also very good

Picked up the Sympathizer and ordered Sticky Fingers- the Jann Wenner thing
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Re: Books
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I'm giving Sticky Fingers to my brother in law for Christmas.

And I just ordered Personal History and The Naughty Nineties for a friend. I loved the former, I learned so much that I didn't know about DC and the Post in the 70's, and I've been meaning to read the latter.


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Re: Books
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Reading The Life of John Hay Volume 1 by William Roscoe Thayer first published 1915...this copy is from 1916


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Re: Books
« Reply #363 on: February 05, 2018, 10:24:27 am »
Short list entries are out for the Man Booker Prize.   Loved the Auster book.  Anyone read the others?                                                                                                 

Finished History of Wolves over the weekend.  I would easily give it a 9.5/10; it's just so well written.  There are no gimmicks or clever literary devices - there is very little "action" at all (in the external world).  There is one big plot event, but it doesn't come until well into the second half of the book.  All the activity occurs in the thoughts, feelings, and growth of the main character and it is all beautifully rendered.  It's not so much a page-turner as it is the kind of book where I stopped to savor or reread passages, either because the metaphors were so brilliant or because the prose was simply stunning. 

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just into the first few chapters, but an engrossing read
any UDV church members on the board


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Re: Books
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Michael Pollan in general annoys me. Is this as preachy and privileged as all of his food books?

Just finished The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer and loved it. Better than The Interestings. 


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Re: Books
« Reply #366 on: June 23, 2018, 03:50:39 pm »
I've had an incredible run of great books lately. here are a few I've enjoyed a lot recently

a fictionalized account of medusa's life. its a self-published book so for that, it's pretty damn admirable. I like it but it's really depressing


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Re: Books
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music is my favorite thing.. so i go through periods where I read a lot of music bios but i have to say the industry has changed.. now they seem to be publishing a lot more of these books..its become a huge market (rock star memoirs)....

i think it has been said that most of them aren't that great...the worst one EVER is the Eric Crapton one... dude, he is one horrible man and I did not need to know that... of course i think he is the most overrated musician ever but his book is all about his drug use and alcoholism sobriety with a lot of stuff about how he screwed everybody over..

anthony kiedis' book is also a lot about his battle for sobriety but that one i liked.. i had no idea what an interesting childhood he had.. slash's was also interesting (his mom knew bowie really well!)...

i also liked to get the signed editions of course.. i have the bernard sumner and david j signed ones!

dean wareham's is also good...

Read this one a little while ago. I don't have much to was a good read though I still don't like any of their music after Mother's Milk...I wonder if anyone has compared the number of times he mentioned shooting up vs. the number of times he got a blow job from a random girl? Probably too high to count.

I'm now reading Rocks Off: 50 Tracks That Tell the Story of the Rolling Stones...very well written book by Bill Janovitz, leader of Buffalo Tom.


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Re: Books
« Reply #368 on: June 27, 2018, 10:32:36 am »
Just bought Room to Dream!


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Re: Books
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Vote for the winner of the alternative to the 2018 Nobel in Literature:

Here are the nominees:

Adichie Chimamanda Ngozi - Nigeria
Anyuru Johannes - Sweden
Atwood Margaret - Canada
Auster Paul - US
Avallone Silvia - Italy
Bouraoui Nina - France
Carson Anne - Canada
Condé Maryse - Guadeloupe
DeLillo Don - US
Edelfeldt Inger - Sweden
Ekman Kerstin - Sweden
Ferrante Elena - Italy
Gaiman Neil - Great Britain
Ganman Jens - Sweden
Hustvedt Siri - US
Jägerfeld Jenny - Sweden
Khemiri Jonas Hassen - Sweden
Kincaid Jamaica - US
Levithan David - US
Louis Édouard - France
Lundell Ulf - Sweden
Lövestam Sara - Sweden
McCarthy Cormac - US
McEwan Ian - Great Britain
Murakami Haruki - Japan
Oates Joyce Carol - US
Okorafor Nnedi - US
Oksanen Sofi - Finland
Oz Amos - Israel
Paborn Sara - Sweden
Pleijel Agneta - Sweden
Pynchon Thomas - US
Robinson Marilynne - US
Rosoff Meg - US
Rowling J.K. - Great Britain
Roy Arundhati - India
Schiefauer Jessica - Sweden
Smith Patti - US
Smith Zadie - Great Britain
Stamm Peter - Switzerland
Stefánsson Jón Kalman - Iceland
Stridsberg Sara - Sweden
Tartt Donna - US
Thúy Kim - Canada
Tokarczuk Olga - Poland
wa Thiong'o Ngugi - Kenya
Winterson Jeanette - UK


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Re: Books
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These books are all free today for Prime Members with Kindles:

*Note, you must be the primary account holder.  If you're the secondary on someone's prime account, have the Primary person "buy" the books and share Kindle accounts.

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two interesting rock books due out this fall

Beastie Boys Book Hardcover – October 30, 2018
by Michael Diamond (Author), Adam Horovitz (Author)

Acid for the Children: A Memoir  – September 25, 2018
by Flea (Author)

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came out a few years back...but just picked this up and looking forward to digesting it

Viv Albertine - Clothes Clothes Clothes Music Music Music Boys Boys Boys.

anyone read this?


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Re: Books
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It’s on my list as I heard it’s top shelf


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Re: Books
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