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Re: New DC Venue
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Will this will be the opportunity to get the hold steady back to DC


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Re: New DC Venue
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We have written about this before

People think the venues compete for customers but they do so by competing for acts to host which tends to drive prices UP and I think prices for patrons are inelastic. Now if you are Julian prices donít matter but if they do matter to you then more venues can mean more acts but at higher prices. However to most people if they want to see an act then a slightly higher price wonít make much difference

New venue -at 1200 capacity-would be competing with the 930 which is what I thought the Fillmore would do but it hasnít quite worked outÖ.if you look at the 930 schedule you canít help but notice more and more shows that are dance parties,Ö.I am not sure if that means they are having a more challenging time attracting live acts or itís just the dance parties are popular and profitable.

There have been a few announcements of venues that never materialized including one by the Madison Square Garden group

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Re: New DC Venue
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Sounds like the natural venue for 4th tier and lower hambands.