Author Topic: Electronic drones and noise at 611 Florida, Friday 10/13  (Read 1170 times)


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Electronic drones and noise at 611 Florida, Friday 10/13
« on: October 12, 2006, 03:51:00 pm »
Clavius Productions presents:
 Friday, October 13
 611 Florida Ave NW WDC
 9pm, $5 suggested donation
 call 202-360-9739 for info
 Ting Ting Jahe (Richmond electronic trio)
 Ben Owen/MPLD/sc. all
 AM Salad (Baltimore solo noise)
 Ting Ting Jahe
 no ting ting jahe doesn't exist, and it doesn't matter. what matters is the sounds around us at any given time, and the wonders they permit. any everyday occurrence and its sounds mixed with all other occurrences and their respective sounds exist in so many different persectives and realities than any ting ting jahe ever could. with ting ting jahe and its utter non-existence we find a contrary opinion on all this, and more.
 Ben Owen
 Installation, weekly radio program sounds capturing the practice, continues to explore these ideas as relating to listening, response, and performance.
 mpld is Gill Arnò's mixed-media performance/ installation and publishing project.
 Born in Milan (Italy), Gill studied art and typography before moving to NYC in 1997. Since then he has been designing record covers and art directing small record labels, as well as creating multi-dimensional environments as part of underground parties and mixed-media experimental events.
 The focus of mpld's exploration is on the relationships that can be established between sound, light and space, considered in their phenomenological and conceptual dimensions. Memory, territory, identity and the sense of belonging are recurring themes, approached trough the use of various found materials that are assembled combining analog empiricism with the abstraction of digital hyperreality.
 The photoacoustic continuum of mpld's slide projection slowly flows into the performance space carrying fragments from unidentified places and times. Fades and cuts play with memory's subjective persistence, as light and darkness keep carving out each one from the other. The mechanical sounds of this projection are tapped and processed to become its own soundtrack. Color, density, texture, frequency become simultaneous qualities of the light and the sound, as they are explored in a way somewhat analogue to the distorted enlargement of a magnifying glass.
 mpld's performances, meant to define specific environments for social interaction, are complemented by the production of books and cds, intended to engage in a one-to-one level of communication - while the public is wrapped into the space of the performance, books and records are in turn being embraced by the reader/listener who is encouraged to define a personal relationship in his/her own subjective terms.
 Gill has been involved since 1998 with a handful of nyc's labels and event promoters, including Soundlab Cultural Alchemy, Broklyn Beats, theAgriculture, Seasonal, Phonomena.
 A.M. Salad
 The 70 minutes of murk and squeal found on this odd disc collect some previously released recordings that date back almost a decade. Recorded on a low quality karaoke machine, the music fits the decidedly dubious method of tracking. Static, droning buzz, hiss, fucked manipulations and fried electronics are all tossed in, leaving the listener scratching their head, unsure of what they've just heard. And, the experience is a surprisingly enjoyable one (well, if you accept a fairly liberal definition of "enjoyable") . With the exception of an annoyingly prominent bell ringing over and over and over and over in "Zebulonic Meander," this album is unswervingly focused on the destruction of sounds, without taking it's eye off of the need for a worthwhile and listenable result. This end result may stretch the definition of "listenable" for most, but the Britney Spears and Foreigner's have had their karaoke days, it's noise's turn. (Dick Baldwin, Foxy Digitalis)
 Upcoming 611 Florida events:
 11/3: Robert Inhuman (from Cincinnati noise band Realicide)/Capital Hemorrhage/The New Flesh/Kingshit
 11/21: Charalambides (Kranky)/Volcano the Bear/Kohoutek/The Cutest Puppy in the World
 12/2: Peter Wright (Last Visible Dog, New Zealand drone)/Antony Milton (New Zealand drone)/Insect Factory/Callers (Providence folk/psych duo)