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Army Of Me, The Kin, Jealousy Curve, US Royalty FRIDAY N
« on: May 29, 2008, 11:01:00 am »
----> FRIDAY MAY 30
 ----> ARMY OF ME (Washington, DC)
 "We wanted a record that would communicate with everyone, not just one group of people or another. We‚??re saying what we feel in a simple way with the hope that if you‚??re a human being with a heart that‚??s beating, you will appreciate at least some part of this record‚?Ě
 ---->THE KIN (Australia / New York City)
 "We're not surprised that music from the Kin's new album "Rise and Fall" was placed in episodes of Lifetime series "Army Wives." Song pluggers should heed the Aussie duo, for the pair's endearing romanticism would make good backdrops to tales on the small and big screen alike. "Nowhere to Now Here" leads off "Rise and Fall" with deep, canyon-like rumbles, then swoops in on an orchestral wave as wide as its cinematic scope."
 ----> JEALOUSY CURVE (Philadelphia, PA)
 "Spawned by both a shared musical vision and the need to resolve the inner conflicts of its members, Jealousy Curve is the result of four close friends struggling to find their way through the confusion of life. Originally formed as the songwriting and recording brainchild of high school friends Steven LaFashia (guitar, keys) and Michael Leavy (lead vocals, guitar), Jealousy Curve quickly found its voice in the contributions of Michael O‚??Brien and Shane Rozum (bass and drums, respectively), playing its first full band show to a capacity crowd on May 30, 2003 in Philadelphia, quickly garnering a local buzz and dedicated fan base."
 ----> US ROYALTY (Washington, DC)