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Mr. Ed is Dead
« on: July 14, 2005, 01:30:00 pm »
N.Z. Restaurant Puts 'Mr. Ed' on the Menu
 Wednesday, July 13, 2005
 (07-13) 15:44 PDT WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) --
 Some customers say wild horses couldn't drag them to the table at a New Zealand restaurant that's offering a chargrilled horsemeat dish called "Mr. Ed is Dead."
 Restaurant owner David Kerr said Wednesday that he received lots of complaints and abusive phone calls after he started serving horse steaks at his eatery in Hamilton, North Island, as part of an annual event during which restaurateurs compete to offer the best out-of-the-ordinary culinary delights to diners.
 The calls were "pretty lively and disgusting and not comforting for the staff," Kerr said, adding that "there was swearing, cursing, horrible language," compelling him to call the police.
 Nevertheless, some customers couldn't wait to chow down when horse appeared on his menu at the weekend. Kerr said he sold 10 horse steak meals on Monday night.
 "Some think it is appalling but others are really interested to give it a go and want to know where else they can buy it," he said.
 Leading racehorse breeder Sir Patrick Hogan said he "certainly won't be eating horse, that's for sure."
 "If there was only one restaurant in Hamilton and it was his, I wouldn't sit at his table," said Hogan, who was knighted by Britain's Queen Elizabeth II for his passion for breeding thoroughbreds.
 Spokeswoman for the International League for Protection of Horses, Sandra Shearer, said although she would not be eating horse flesh, she was not offended.
 Horse meat appears in imported salamis and is often used in pet food in New Zealand, she noted.
 The national convener of judges for the Monteith's Wild Food Challenge, Kerry Tyack, said putting horse on the menu "is different."
 So long as they meet health and safety issues ... I have no problem with it," he said, adding that "those offended will stay away. Those interested will try it."
 "Mr. Ed" was a 1960s television comedy series about a talking horse.

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Re: Mr. Ed is Dead
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I once ate dog, unintentionally, at a Vietnamese-owned sub shop.   It was supposed to be a cheesesteak, but I know cheesesteak.   That wasn't cheesesteak.
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 BTW, I'm currently on the Seabiscuit diet.