Author Topic: Marx Cafe hosts post-punk/underground indie party tonigh  (Read 16199 times)

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Marx Cafe hosts post-punk/underground indie party tonigh
« on: January 07, 2005, 08:26:00 am »
For those of you interested, just thought I'd give a "shout out" that my friend Brandon and I will be spinning some killer tunes along with our guest DJ William Alberque (who used to deejay at Confusion & Temptation at the Black Cat).  Anyway, if you're into that whole Factory, 4AD, Creation, Rough Trade, Cherry Red sound, you'll probably be really into the music.  We play a lot of obscure older stuff along with lots of newer stuff (with a few classics thrown in), so it's a good night to be exposed to a lot of music that probably hasn't been heard that much...
 Here's the details:
 "We Fought the Big One" at
 Marx Cafe
 3203 Mt. Pleasant St NW
 Washington DC
 10pm - 3am
 NO COVER  21+
 And here's what Brandon and I played last month:
 Brandon set #1 10:30 - 11:30
 Mahogany - "In Search of"
 Massive Attack - "Karmacoma"
 Tricky - "Christiansands"
 Jazz Butcher Conspiracy - "City of Night"
 Ultramarine - "Kingdom (12" version)"
 OMD - "2nd Thought"
 John Foxx - "Plaza"
 Mathematical Modernes - "Disco Rogue"
 Siglo XX - "Art of War"
 Ian Crause - "Elemental"
 The Room - "Candle"
 Girls At Our Best! - "Warm Girls"
 Ludus - "Little Girls"
 Rick set#1 11:30 - 12:30
 Blue in Heaven - "The Big Beat"
 And Also the Trees - "Talk Without Words"
 Joy Division - "Disorder"
 The Floor - "Noncom"
 Abecedarians - "They Said Tomorrow"
 Blitz - "Flowers & Fire"
 The Names - "Nightshift"
 Astral - "Barrelling"
 The Chameleons U.K. - "Up the Down Escalator"
 The Prosaics - "Teeth"
 House of Love - "In A Room"
 Biff Bang Pow - "It Makes You Scared"
 McCarthy - "The Myth of the North - South Divide"
 Radio Dept. - "Pulling Our Weight"
 The Legends - "Breaking Time, Breaking Lines"
 Pale Saints - "Baby Maker"
 My Bloody Valentine - "Soft as Snow (but Warm Inside)"
 Brandon set#2 12:30 - 1:30
 Monochrome Set - "Lighter Side of Dating"
 Snake Corps - ?
 Primal Scream - "Velocity Girl"
 Red Turns To - "Lost Again"
 Simple Minds - "I Travel"
 The Dance - "Looking for the World"
 Wire - "Our Swimmer"
 Sudden Sway - "Don't Go"
 New Order - "Too Late" (Peel session)
 The Distributers - "TV Me"
 Gang of Four - "At Home He Feels Like A Tourist"
 Flying Lizards - "Her Story"
 Prefects - "Going Through the Motions"
 Abwarts - "Computer Staat"
 Sad Lovers and Giants - "Sex Without Gravity"
 Modern Eon - "Splash"
 Family Fodder - "Film Music"
 Rick set#2 1:30 - 2:30
 Color Filter - "Stella Sea"
 Lali Puna - "Micronomic"
 The Flir - "Golden"
 Swirlies - "One Light Flashing I Love You"
 Piano Magic - "The End of A Dark, Tired Year"
 Vitesse - "Late Morning"
 Moose - "Pretend We Never Met"
 Folksongs for the Afterlife - "Death by Melody"
 Lush - "Thoughtforms" (Rubin Guthrie mix)
 Kitchens of Distinction - "Gorgeous Love"
 Lowlife - "As Good As It Gets"
 Lovejoy - "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?"
 The Field Mice - "It Isn't Forever"
 Boo Radleys - "Memory Babe"
 Brandon vs. Rick 2:30 - 3:30
 Everything but the Girl - "Blame" (Brandon)
 Shiny Too Shiny - "Waiting for Us" (Rick)
 Sweet Trip - "Come to Me" (Brandon)
 Into Paradise - "Angelus" (Rick)
 Blind Mr. Jones - "Dolores" (Rick)
 Guided - "Pistols Drawn for Heartbreak at Dawn" (Rick)