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Originally posted by imROTTen:
Originally posted by PseudoScouseTwat:
  Gang Of Four put on a brilliant set last night in Manchester.  They must have played about 60% of Entertainment, three or four songs from Solid Gold, one song each from Songs Of The Free and Shrinkwrapped. I don't have the exact set list but this is pretty close....
 Natural's Not In It
 Not Great Men
 Return The Gift
 At Home's He's A Tourist
 He'd Send In The Army
 What We All Want
 To Hell With Poverty
 We Live As We Dream, Alone
 I Parade Myself
 There were a couple others but can't remember exactly.  Too much bitter!
 On another note, they plan on releasing a 2 cd set in the near future.  One cd will be them reworking some of their classic songs and the other will be bands covering their songs (Franz Ferdinand, Massive Attack, Bloc Party and the Dandy Warhols).
This sounds like the set they played in the mid 90's at their last show at the old 9:30 club for "Shrinkwrapped"......excellent song selection.....I remember having a pint with Jon King before the show and he told me I would "enjoy the set just fine"....and did I ever!.....I will be hitting as many of the U.S. shows as possible.....certainly the Philly show as it's around the birthday time.....I heard a "remake" of "To Hell with Poverty" on BBC 6 over the weekend......don't know why they have to remake the old suff.....but,what the hell..... [/b]
I was at that show at the old 9:30 for the Shrinkwrapped tour too.  That was a fantastic show as well.  
 It was amazing to see the original line up again though.  Even though it's been over twenty years since they've played together in front of an audience, they were extremely tight.  Dave Allen is an amazing bass guitar player.
 Speaking about Jon King, didn't he come around the old 9:30 Club many years ago with a band called Jon King And The Mechanics?  Maybe I dreamt it?   ;)