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No Fun Fest 2008
« on: January 23, 2008, 09:50:00 pm »
No Fun Fest 2008. May 16,17,18 at the Knitting Factory In NYC
 Advance 3 day festival pass availible February 15 (50$)
 single day tickets March 15(18$ for friday or sunday, 20$ for saturday)
 check here on those dates for purchase links.
 Questions :
 FRIDAY 16 at 7pm
 Stage 1:
 ASTRO (Hiroshi Hasegawa)
 Tony Conrad + MV Carbon
 White Out
 Burning Star Core
 Thurston Moore + Nancy Garcia
 Dinosaurs with Horns
 Randy Yau
 Stage 2:
 Damion Romero
 Handicapper Hornz
 Greg Kelley
 Jason Crumer
 Failing Lights
 Sewer Election
 Black Quarter
 SATURDAY 17 at 7pm
 Stage 1:
 Religious Knives
 Carlos Giffoni
 The Skaters
 Keith Fullerton Whitman
 Nautical Almanac
 Nevari Butchers
 Stage 2:
 Tovah Olson and The Jasons
 Alvars Orkester
 Baby Cobra Headsz
 Eskimo King
 Pax Titania
 Afternoon Penis
 SUNDAY 18 at 6:30pm
 Stage 1:
 The Haters
 Consumer Electronics
 Illusion of Safety
 Lee Ranaldo: Blind Piece #2
 Lasse Marhaug + Dror Feiler
 Sudden Infant
 Werewolf Jerusalem
 Stage 2:
 Joseph Hammer
 Rick Potts
 Alan Licht
 James Plotkin
 The Cathode Terror Secretion
 Shallow Waters