Author Topic: macy gray (last minute) show?  (Read 24842 times)


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Re: macy gray (last minute) show?
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Originally posted by Rhett Miller:
  yes, but are they as hot as this guy:
Originally posted by bunnyman:
  Hey Mark E Smith, thanks for the photo!! Damn, Burtch is a cutie.
 And Random Citizen, I think Nick Oliveri and Josh Homme are both hot as hell too. At Mondo Generator's gig, Nick was wearing a VERY revealing g-string underneath a torn dress, then took the dress off for the encore. It was pretty funny. So don't worry, that makes 2 of us hot for Nick.
He really is Gay looking! No offense all you Gay guys. That's not at all how's it meant. It just perked up my Gaydar.


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Re: macy gray (last minute) show?
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No reviews?