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Canadian Bacon
« on: July 16, 2004, 01:04:00 pm »
Well the Moore Watch crowd will have a new target to direct their hostility towards...
 WAM! is showing Canadian Bacon in which Micheal Moore scripts a movie about the Bush Presidency in 1995.  Just caught part of this movie and given current events this is one funny movie.  Plus Rip Torn in it...
 "The Canadians - They Walk Amongst US"  :D
 FYI -
 WAM! is the first and only commercial-free channel dedicated to 8-16 year olds. WAM! -- "Education that Entertains, and Entertainment that EducatesSM". WAM! is one of the 13 distinct Starz movie channels.
 WAM! -- "World full of knowledge and a world full of funSM" helps pre-teens and teens reach their full social and academic potential. WAM! is the only channel with a commitment to promoting every major academic subject every day, plus music and art. WAM! is dedicated to a mixed education, book-based adventure series and age appropriate movies. WAM! specifically targets the viewing needs of 8-16 year olds by celebrating their accomplishments and helping today's kids meet tomorrow's challenges. All commercial-free. WAM! TV kids can grow onSM!
 WAM! delivers a programming mix specifically scheduled in blocks to educate and entertain: T.B.I.O. - Teens by Invitation Only FRIDAYS features hit teen movies every Friday, W.A.T.M. - WAM At The Movies is a collection of kid and family movies and Teen Scenes & ZinesSM features episodes of contemporary lifestyle and magazine series. WAM! is the only channel with an ongoing commitment to motivate kids to be interested in music and the arts. One third of WAM!'s schedule is based on classic books and literature. WAM! uses Honor Roll students as hosts to introduce series and movies.