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GENERAL DISCUSSION / Re: Recommend some good movies!
« Last post by vansmack on Today at 05:00:41 pm »

sept 6th
this album is, according to a press release, “somber and contemplative,” and it features ambient guitarist Noveller and jazz trumpeter Leron Thomas. “This is an album in which other artists speak for me, but I lend my voice,” Iggy adds.
GENERAL DISCUSSION / Re: Luckiest Woman &/or or Man in Music
« Last post by moeszyslak on Today at 04:14:29 pm »
Any child of a celebrity has it lucky, but I always thought Rockwell was pretty damn lucky within that group.  Being Berry Gordy's son, he got the backing of Motown, but also gets his childhood friend Michael Jackson to sing the hook of your song in the prime of his career. 
GENERAL DISCUSSION / Re: This week rollcall
« Last post by challanged and calloused on Today at 03:24:59 pm »
I have a single ticket to the sold out titus andronicus show at Comet Tuesday 7/23 that I would transfer to one all y'all, with the proviso that you actually go. I bought when I was unsure about going to Mergefest. Now that I am going to Mergefest, cannot also go out that night. DM me if interested.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has taken the lead to work on getting rapper A$AP Rocky freed from custody in Sweden after Kim Kardashian West contacted White House adviser Jared Kushner about the issue

although this one takes the cake
A Rap-Loving Bureaucrat From Iowa, Fired Over Too Much Tupac

this is the guy!

"I'm a 66-year-old white guy from the Midwest who likes rap music, who likes Tupac!" he says
"I might seem a little down because today is the 22nd anniversary of 2Pac's death," he wrote once to a staff member)
GENERAL DISCUSSION / Re: Luckiest Woman &/or or Man in Music
« Last post by jeffml on Today at 01:29:54 pm »
He's the one I always say is luckiest.  I wonder how much $$ per quarter note played he's made over these years.  I think I could play his bass parts.  That being said, he is one cool m'f'er.

Adam Clayton
« Last post by TheREALHunter on Today at 01:26:32 pm »
Neon Indian
Nov 16
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