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Re: Does anyone like Jet
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Originally posted by flawd101:
  Jets sucks...
 both bands should tour together and hopefully all the gay sex will lead to them dying somehow.and why would you buy a 7 dollar cd if you dont know the it and get a good cd next week. or go see a different pussy band that everyone seems to like.  but why should i be listened to i just bought the new superjoint cd which no one here would probaly like.
It's always nice to hear a well thought out and articulate opinion.
 On a side note; as someone who has seen Pantera, Down and Superjoint all live, I've got to say that Phil is not what he used to be. He should try doing a show sober, I know it doesn't work for everyone, but he's just God awful on stage.


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Re: Does anyone like Jet
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i saw superjoint and down live...missed pantera...
 yes he should not be wasted and mess up some songs and titles but that is who he is and you have to expect that.  if the crowd and you really knows the music you can kinda fill it in. and he doesnt always fuck up every show...