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Damn dude thatís a terrible conclusion you are drawing and you ought to think about that

I mean did Trump have some inside info Obama wasnít born in the US?

Moreover itís not a sporting event so who is to say what a person can consume?

Basically you bought into Trumpís framing and then said you believe Trump!

Very weak
I mean, I hear you it's all about how it's framed and that's what he's trying to do
let's be clear I'm annoyed that he is constantly doing this, that was my point

I did add that last little comment in there and you make like I'm going to impact the 8 people who read this
I do think that he is more likely to be taking something based on how he acts and this is a projection
but as you said, not a sporting event and I wouldn't want them to submit for a drug test
it's like the DNA test that Warren took...
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UNITED STATES: 866,000 people have already voted for the November election, compared to 9,500 at the same time in 2016

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Seems like a big deal... sadly will do nothing

The New York Times has obtained tax-return data extending over more than two decades for Mr. Trump