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Bobby Bare Jr. Meets the Moz
« on: January 19, 2005, 11:37:00 am »
While trying to get to Trondheim we were routed through Mancheter England only to have our flight canceled and have to be rerouted back through London-while in line I found myself directly behind THE MOZZZZZZ-the hair - the side burns - the chin----he sat down on an isle seat and as I passed I had to do it-
 I said ‚??hi my name is Bobby Bare Jr. and I am from Nashville, tn and I missed your show at the rhyman auditorium because my wife was having our baby‚?Ě
 he laughed shyly and asked ‚??did she start having the baby while at my show‚?Ě
 I replied ‚??no we were inducing-but please come back to nashville‚?Ě
 We both giggled and I floated to my seat
 I didn‚??t bother him with the fact that I recorded a nashville version of ‚??what difference does it make‚?Ě
 Nor did I tell him that we shared the same publicist
 I have chose not to meet many of my heros cause of the possibility of them being an asshole- Morrissey is not one of these people-so I am really happy about our chance enounter-I am sure he had no Idea who I was and he was really nice