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Idlewild news
« on: November 21, 2005, 05:19:00 pm »
Idlewild would like to announce that after eight years and four albums they have parted company with their label Parlophone/EMI.
 The band had fulfilled their record contract and it seemed like a good time to move on.
 More news regarding a new label and a new record will follow. Here's to the future!
 Diary entry #117
 (Roddy Woomble -vocals)
 I'm just back from Berlin and I've contracted my first cold for about three years. Only myself to blame really, not owning a waterproof jacket with shoes that leak in a bleak German city with freezing water pouring out the clouds. I secretly laugh a silent Calvinist chortle.
 The remainder of our American tour past in it's inevitable fashion, with a memorable show in Los Angeles at the El Rey theatre, and a not so memorable show at a club called Moscow a few nights later. Note to self: under no circumstances drink rum punch again before a concert. Needless to say I fell off the stage in a way that can only be described as graceless. Also I apologise to the woman I landed on who I then tried to make sing 'A film for the future'. Not cool.
 And I got married which was the best thing I have ever done with my life. I don't know you so I won't go into the details. But it was wonderful.
 Also, I suppose the main news currently regarding the band (apart from the well earned (if I say so myself) break we're taking at the moment) is that after eight years we've ended our relationship with EMI/Parlophone. After 'Captain' we signed to EMI for four albums, which have come and gone. I'd by lying if I said things have always been easy for us outside of Parlophone and the UK with EMI, but it's heartening to know that constantly touring our songs over those years generated pretty much all the fans of our music that we now have, which is a lot more satisfying to look back on. It always goes back to my favourite phrase - being that success is defined purely by the individual. Everyone has their own version of success.
 Ultimately, no shocking news. I've always been of the disposition of not really caring what label a band that I like are signed to anyway, still, it feels like the end of a chapter, or a bit like leaving school.
 So Rod and I have begun work on a collection of new songs here in Scotland. At this stage we're basically seeing what we have to say and listening to see how it sounds. Next year will be bound to present itself in its own different way and it's one I'm looking forward to. We've never been a group of people to rest on our laurels (what exactly a laurel is I know not), even more so now, so no doubt a lot will change, but I'll keep all the interested posted and I promise to you all that it'll be a good thing.
 Then there's the Glasgow Barrowland next month, which will be a great night for all in attendance, I suppose it's an indulgent thing to do, play two sets, but we figured that if we're not to play again until we have a new record out, then what better way to end the year by playing all the things we've done to a ballroom full of the good people who've chose to hear them. It'll be a party for Idlewild fans everywhere and again it'll seem like the end to one chapter of the band and the start of a new one.