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Ian Brown put on crash diet...
« on: November 22, 2005, 10:31:00 am »
Sagging floor ends Ian Brown gig  
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 Ian Brown's gig had to be abandoned after twenty minutes
 A concert by former Stone Roses front man Ian Brown had to be abandoned after 20 minutes because the floor at the venue began to sag.
 Almost 2,000 people were told to leave Newcastle's Carling Academy, which has only been open for a month.
 Organisers said it was simply a safety precaution as there was no danger the floor would collapse during the concert on Monday night.
 Ticket holders have been told they will get their money back.
 It is believed that four or five joists under the main dance floor came out of their springs.
 Problem investigated
 Steve Forster, group operations director with Academy Music Group, said: "Whilst nobody was in any danger, there was a possibility there would be some movement of the main floor.
 "So we had to make the decision to pull the show and that's what we did.
 "We are speaking to Ian Brown to see if the gig can be rescheduled at the back end of their tour.
 "If so, people will be given the opportunity to keep their tickets and go to the next concert, but if they can't, or if we can't rearrange it, they will definitely get their money back."
 He added that the problem was being investigated, but there was no reason to assume that the venue would not be open on Tuesday night.