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Super Diamond - DJ Setlist
« on: May 16, 2005, 09:52:00 am »
What little indie cred built up by the Kasabian setlist is shot to hell now.  Bon Jovi and White Snake both raised their hands but didn't get picked to play this time.  The Darkness and The Spice Girls missed the bus.  So here a few "highs" and "lows" from the last 40 years in popular music.
 Super Diamond ‚?? 5/14/05 ‚?? 9:30  Club
 Brazilian Girls ‚?? ‚??Don‚??t Stop‚?Ě
 Everything But The Girl ‚??Missing‚?Ě
 Seal ‚?? ‚??Killer‚?Ě
 Londonbeat ‚?? ‚??I've Been Thinking About You‚?Ě
 Erasure ‚?? ‚??Take A Chance On Me‚?Ě
 Wang Chung ‚?? ‚??Dance Hall Days‚?Ě
 Living In A Box ‚?? ‚??Living In A Box‚?Ě
 Devo ‚?? ‚??Girl U Want‚?Ě
 Fountains of Wayne ‚?? ‚??Stacy‚??s Mom‚?Ě
 Monkees ‚?? ‚??Star Collector‚?Ě
 Bay City Rollers ‚?? ‚??Saturday Night‚?Ě
 Billy Idol ‚?? ‚??Mony Mony‚?Ě
 Foo Fighters ‚?? ‚??My Hero‚?Ě
 Thin Lizzy ‚?? ‚??Boys Are Back In Town‚?Ě
 INXS ‚?? ‚??Suicide Blonde‚?Ě
 John Mellencamp ‚?? ‚??Authority Song‚?Ě
 Grand Funk Railroad ‚?? ‚??Some Kind of Wonderful‚?Ě
 Foghat ‚?? ‚??I Don‚??t Want To Make Love To You‚?Ě
 Lenny Kravitz ‚?? ‚??Are You Going My Way‚?Ě
 George Thorogood ‚?? ‚??Who Do You Love‚?Ě
 Paul Revere and The Raiders ‚?? ‚??(I‚??m Not Your) Steppin‚?? Stone‚?Ě
 Killers ‚?? ‚??Somebody Told Me‚?Ě
 Divinyls ‚?? ‚??I Touch Myself‚?Ě
 Corey Hart ‚?? ‚??I Wear My Sunglasses At Night‚?Ě
 The Cars ‚?? ‚??My Best Friends Girlfriend‚?Ě
 Tubes ‚?? ‚??She‚??s A Beauty‚?Ě
 Sweet ‚?? ‚??Love Is Like Oxygen‚?Ě
 Wham! ‚?? ‚??Young Guns (Go For It)‚?Ě
 Jamiroquai ‚?? ‚??Virtual Insanity‚?Ě
 Parliament ‚?? ‚??Flashlight‚?Ě
 Gerry Rafferty ‚?? ‚??Baker Street‚?Ě
 Super Diamond
 Cutting Crew ‚?? ‚??(I Just) Died in your Arms‚?Ě
 Duran Duran ‚?? ‚??Girls On Film‚?Ě
 Franz Ferdinand ‚?? ‚??Take Me Out‚?Ě
 B-52‚??s ‚?? ‚??Rock Lobster‚?Ě
 The Knack ‚?? ‚??My Sharona‚?Ě
 David Bowie ‚?? ‚??Young Americans‚?Ě
 Spandau Ballet ‚?? ‚??True‚?Ě