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Originally posted by Rob_Gee:
  There was no physical fights but definetely alot of jawing back and forth. It was club level but still a whole lot of Eagles jerseys sitting around me, which I didnt mind cause I was pulling for the Eagles. I was wearing my Steelers sweatshirt, so I didnt catch any flack from either one of the sides. I did notice to the left of one of the goal posts that a couple of Eagle fans were being escorted out and all the Redskin fans were cheering as they were walking up the aisle. I think four Redskin fans were kicked out a little away from me cause they were jawing hard at Philly people about ten rows in front of them, next thing I knew, the Redskin guys were all gone. Maybe they were talkers and not fighters, cause they were talkin' a mean game. Overall, not a bad game, coulda used a little more scoring though.
I was at the Packers game on Sunday and I'll tell you this.....NO fights, no jawing, no one getting kicked out.
   though, there were only about 100 Lions fans in the whole place. and its hard to talk shit when your mouth is freezing, and hard to fight when you have 3 sweatshirts, 2 jackets, a hat, scarf, and mittens on!!!!!!

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adding the search function back in has been discussed.  but seeing as the forum software already hiccups enough as it is. i.e registration problems, stats going out of wack.  implementing the search function may do more harm then good with regards to the way the forum functions...