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"Emo is dangerous."
« on: June 30, 2006, 10:23:00 am »
The Killers Believe That Fall Out Boy Are Dangerous
 The "feud" between The Killers and Fall Out Boy is heating up again following an interview given by Killers singer Brandon Flowers to Britain's NME music magazine.
 The war of words was thought to be dead following a dinner date proposed by Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz to Flowers. He didn't accept the invitation, which is good because it would have most likely led to a lot of high-pitched whining.
 The bickering began when Flowers complained about sharing an A&R man with Fall Out Boy. In the recent NME interview, Flowers escalated the beef by making fun of Fall Out Boy and the emo genre and stating that he
 "wants to beat all those bands to death"
 because their sensitive music is poisoning the minds of America's youth and he's concerned about it spreading to the U.K.
 "You don't realize what you could be getting yourselves into with Fall Out Boy, and what kind of impact it could have in a way that you don't really want. Culturally, if it gets as big as it is in America, it could change an entire generation of people growing up here. Emo, pop-punk ?? whatever you want to call it ?? is dangerous."
 Flowers, who's been in London with the rest of his band finishing their second album, claims that he still hasn't met Fall Out Boy.
 Wentz found out about Flowers' comments while in Los Angeles starting work on the follow-up to Fall Out Boy's From Under The Cork Tree. "Honestly, I like Brandon a lot from what I've read in interviews," he told MTV News in response.
 "He's sharp. I don't think people would take as much notice [of his comments] if he wasn't. I respect that.
 "I kinda like how he called Fall Out Boy 'dangerous.' It felt like how Ice called Maverick 'dangerous' in Top Gun."
 But Wentz disputes Flowers' assertion that the two bands have never crossed paths. "We met a couple of times," he said.
 "I think they maybe tried to order drinks from us at the [MTV] Video Music Awards because they thought we were waiters. The drummer [Ronnie Vannucci] was really nice, though."
 Apparently this quarrel has as much aggression as the Easter bunny, but what else would you expect? Why don't Flowers and Wentz just settle this thing like real men? Tickle fight, anyone?