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Isn't there a better way you can sell tickets than  I just went there to buy a ticket for the Paul Weller show and was utterly offended by the extra charges they add on.  They're actually worse than Ticketmaster at this point.  The $5.50 service charge on one ticket is a bit extreme, but Ticketmaster has taught me to grudgingly expect that.  But then they wanted to charge me a $3.25 "shipping and handling" fee to have the tickets held will-call at the box office!  Come on, already . . .  I won't pay that just on general principle.<P>I guess I'll have to find time to actually drive in to the box office to get my ticket, but honestly that's extremely inconvenient and I'm likely to buy advance tickets a lot less often if that's the way it's going to go.  For anything less than Paul Weller, I wouldn't bother.<P><p>[This message has been edited by arcane (edited 01-30-2003).]