Author Topic: Everything you need to know about PARKING in the 9:30 Lo  (Read 24785 times)


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Everything you need to know about PARKING in the 9:30 Lo
« on: April 11, 2002, 05:20:00 pm »
The 9:30 parking lot is located directly behind the club, it is a large fenced in lot.<P>The lot typically opens aprox. one hour before doors.<P>The lot is monitored during the show and roughly 30 minutes after the show ends, at which point there is no representative of the club in the lot.<P>The charge to park there is $7.00 per car. You can pay cash when you arrive, purchase parking in advance at the 9:30 box office or you can pre-pay for parking through If you buy parking through a service charge will be added.<P>On the nights of sold out or busy shows the lot tends to fill up quickly. Our recommendation is that you get there early and park. Spots in the 9:30 lot are only guaranteed to those who pre-pay for parking.<P>Although the lot is watched, the 9:30 club does not assume any responsibility for any theft or damage to your vehicle.<P>Please keep in mind the 9:30 lot is treated as part of the club. Any persons seen drinking under age, using illegal drugs or engaging in other types of unacceptable behavior will be denied entrance to the show and your ticket purchase will not be refunded. So if it will get you kicked out of the club, it can also keep you from entering.<BR><p>[This message has been edited by Shadrach (edited 06-10-2002).]