Author Topic: *ROLL CALL* Tonight! The Psychedelic Furs & Happy Mondays w/ Islands @ 9:30 Club  (Read 2395 times)


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I'm in!  Can't wait to see HAPPY MONDAYS!!


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I'm pretty sure I'm in...kinda intrigued to see the trainwreck of the Happy Mondays. Does Shaun even have internal organs left?  Looks like they're playing "Hallelujah" so I'm willing to see them. Psych Furs (the one time I saw them) were horrible, but it could have been a (very) off night.

Christine Moritz

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I'll be there!


Vas Deferens

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Frank Gallagher

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God I wish I was going....I've seen Psych Furs a bunch of times and they sucked once due to sound problems. It was in some place in SE that is now closed and they were on with Echo n the Bunnymen. All the other times they've put on a good show.

Happy Mondays!!!  I can't believe I missed them in Ft. Lauderdale. Train wreck maybe, but a very entertaining train wreck nonetheless. I'm jealous of anyone going tonight and very interested to see how the show ended up.


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psych furs were fantastic. richard butler is the like the tigger of rock singers with all that  bouncing around on stage.  since it was a double billing, i was pleasantly surprised with a 1.5 hour set from them, was expecting an hour. very much enjoyed them and hope they tour again. mars williams is an amazing sax player.

happy mondays on the other hand, i wanted to like it, i did, but shaun ryder sang flat as can be, the sound was horrible, and both he and rowetta's vocals were drowned out. plus the performance was just uneven. but i was kind of expecting the worst and this wasn't as bad as i exptected. the section i was standing in, had folks grooving and dancing their entire set, which was fun to see, seeing how dc audiences are generally stoic.
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Sir HC

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They both did one song from their other bands which was cool.

Bez supposedly was not there because he was smoking a spliff when he went for his visa, the regular drummer broke his foot or ankle so he too was not there.

This from a friend who was chatting with the guitar tech.

Still it was cool to see them, they played, not very long but played.

Psychedelic Furs were good, Richard still has it, thought that his voice was shot on the first song, but then it came back and worked. 

Christine Moritz

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Bez supposedly was not there because he was smoking a spliff when he went for his visa
LOL!  Genius.