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"All That Glitters" on The Trans-Atlantic Unde
« on: November 16, 2006, 12:28:00 am »
After much ado, I've finally received some sort of schedule for the upcoming broadcasts of The Trans-Atlantic Underground which airs on Kool Rock Radio.
 It is supposed to air approximately at
 and again at
 Peruvian time

 for the following week or so. (Assuming what I was told is correct. I've found that Peruvian time seems to be a lot like Caribbean time....and I don't mean longitudenally, so take that with an hour or two's grain of good Rock salt. Better yet, maybe 3 grains!)
 The Trans-Atlantic Underground is a 2 hour show full of Shoegaze, Psychedelic, Indie and other comparable aural delights. Click on the Kool Rock Radio link to listen.
 To get some idea of when it will air in your area, you can go to World Clocks & Time Zones and compare your zone to that of Kool Rock's home zone in Lima, Peru.
 If your taste in music leans a little more towards the streets of Britian, you might want to check out Michael Mersey Yank's show, Revolution, which should be airing very soon and generally about 2 shows prior to The TAU. This is also a 2 hour show.
 Both Michael Mersey Yank and I have included full playlists of each of our shows in our blogs. Please feel free to use them, post comments and search some of these bands out on our Friends lists.
 This edition of The Trans-Atlantic Underground is called "All That Glitters".
 Also, don't forget to support the bands of your choice in any matter that you choose, such as buying CDS, MP3s, attending concerts, buying t-shirts, etc.. That is the very best way to ensure that our music stays alive, on the air and in your ears.
 Tune in and gaze away in sweet bliss.
 Keep kool;
 DJ Jaguar