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hmm, liking this Congresswoman from NC..even if she is a R

a GOP congresswoman says there’s an urgent need for bipartisan collaboration on the issue of marijuana so lawmakers can reach consensus on a path forward to end federal prohibition.

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC),

although, really not sure why Dems didn't use this
I guess with some of the crime stuff in the news it didn't seem like a winning message

South Carolina, not NC.

Her name tings a bell for other reasons, but I can't remember why.

Re: the weed, thread
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Dakota, Carolina, Virgina
they all look the same, I can't tell em apart
she tried to primary Lindsay in 2014!

 disavowing the former president in the wake of the insurrection

after voting to hold bannon in contempt
“I said I would not blindly follow partisan politics, but rather vote for what is right — not for what is politically expedient — and, most importantly, represent our district,” she added.
“She’s an anomaly,” one senior House Republican said. ”I’m not sure what her political calculation is all the time, but I guess maybe she’s gonna say she’s doing it on principle … I don’t really understand the game she’s playing.”

Imagine that...doing something on principal

also may know her for being the first female recruit to graduate from the Citadel

so far I like what I see...I'm sure she'll do some dastardly GQP stuff, but for right now she's got my support
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