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Record Store Day - 4/20/2024
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Dave Grohl and Anthrax have teamed up for a new song! Grohl and Anthrax members Scott Ian and Charlie Benante recently got together to record a cover of Bad Brains’ “The Regulator.” The song will receive an extremely limited vinyl release on Record Store Day, with only 3000 copies being pressed.

The song, which according to Ian only took two takes to record, came about when Anthrax was recording their new album at Grohl’s Studio 606. Grohl and Co. were at the studio as well rehearsing for their upcoming tour when Ian asked him if he’d like to record something together. This legendary lineup, dubbed G.B.I. (Grohl, Benante, Ian), features a bit of instrument swapping, with Benante on the bass instead of his usual drums, Grohl handling both the drums and vocals, and Ian on Guitar.

Ian expressed excitement on Instagram, stating that “It was so much fun to get to play with Dave on drums and to hear his voice with my guitar! We’re all such huge Bad Brains fans.” Ian went further to explain that all proceeds of the record will be donated to Bad Brains singer H.R. to help with his medical bills as he seeks treatment for SUNCT syndrome.