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hmm...I have a great distaste for E-bikes, but like the idea of this program

what's nice is they include $150 for a lock too

Might be a good time to open a e-bike shop in ward 7/8

Rack Spotter is down :(

The Rusty Organ and flawd threads are elsewhere
unappreciaed great post!

and it's still down
RackSpotter is getting a new paint job, changing some gears, the seat, the tires...
well just everything!
We will be back on the road shortly.

See our Facebook page for updates!

umm, no updates on FB BTW
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Re: two wheelin
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awesome news...but will likely be 2030 before we can ride it

Maryland surveys McLean to plan for new American Legion Bridge  "“The American Legion Bridge will be replaced with a wider structure that includes a separated bicycle-pedestrian path, .."

Now they need to make a bike path along GW Parkway


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Re: two wheelin
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495 on the VA side before that bridge is just a giant construction zone right now… it sucks having to go on it!! It’s always stop start…You would think with all the tolls……
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I think part of the issue there is the toll lanes end just before the bridge, so all that extra traffic gets added

I think md is going to continue with the toll lanes and that will hopefully diminish some of the congestion that happens there