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Metro Cafe Mach II (no bands)
« on: October 17, 2003, 04:16:00 pm »
I just received this email from the Metro Cafe listserve (but DAMN, no live music!!!???):
 The Metro Cafe is returning as BoxLIFE.
 We have teamed with Mark Zimin, the creator of Mousetrap, and others
 to create a new artistic experience.
 A new two level location has been secured near the old Metro Cafe.
 We will continue to offer a mix of theater, independent film
 screenings, and local visual artist exhibitions coupled with a lounge
 to showcase DJ talent.  Sadly, given space constraints we can not
 showcase live music.  We spent more than a year looking for a spot to
 resume live music and we will continue to use our proven resources to
 support live music in DC.
 We are committed to building the local music and arts scene.  We
 continue talking to people who want to partner with us. If you want
 to participate or provide other creative input contact us.
 Mark Zimin :
 Metro Cafe :