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Nylon Summer Music Tour DJ Setlist
« on: May 31, 2008, 01:08:00 pm »
Nylon Summer Music Tour DJ Setlist
 Flykkiller - Flykkiller (David Holmes Remix)
 Cannonball Jane - Take It To Fantastic
 DJ Bitman - El Diablo
 Belleruche - Northern Girls (DJ Vadim Remix)
 Lucky Soul - Ain't Never Been Cool
 Hazey Janes - New York
 Christopher Christoher - Pete, Kurt and Mick
 Tres Bien - How I Feel
 The Hives - Well All Right!
 The Rascals - Out of Dreams
 Favorite Son - Hang On Girl
 The Tyde - The Pilot
 Dirtbombs - Leopardman At C&A
 Gist - Hold On
 Mighty Lemon Drops - Out of Hand
 Blak Presidents - Fight The Future
 The Whip - Blackout
 Whitey - Wrap It Up
 The Virgins
 Washington Social Club - Momuments
 Two Lone Swordsmen - Glories Yesterday
 The Points - Never Trust My Heart
 Von Iva - Do It
 Klaxons - As Above, So Below
 Out Hud - It's For You
 Be Your Own Pet
 Hoo Ha Men (Supergrass) - 345
 e.joseph - Changing Trains
 Charlotte Hartherley - Behave
 Sloan - Witch's Wand
 Bella - Give it a Night
 Figures On A Beach - No Stars
 Ladytron - Ghosts (Cassette Jam Mix)
 She Wants Revenge
 My Bloody Valentine - Soon (Andy Weatherall Mix)
 Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts - Two Loud Bangs And A Terror Twang