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Re: Caps WIn!!!!
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Women know more than men about soccer Wednesday October 12, 06:57 AM    
 LONDON (Reuters) - If you don't understand soccer's offside rule, don't ask a man -- find a woman.
 Women are top of the table when it comes to knowledge about the beautiful game, relegating their menfolk to second spot, according to a survey released on Wednesday.
 Research found that 59 percent of women could correctly identify the offside law -- one of the game's hardest to comprehend -- as opposed to just 55 percent of men.
 Also 65 percent of women correctly used the title assistant referee, while 40 percent of men wrongly referred to the official as a "linesman".
 "I've never understood the big fuss surrounding whether girls know what they're talking about when it comes to football because it was my mum who taught me the offside rule when I was a kid," said Sky Sports presenter Helen Chamberlain.
 However when it came to team strip, the men were way ahead. More than 80 percent of men could correctly identify the kits of the 20 Premiership teams compared to just 33 percent of women, the survey of 2,000 customers of sports bar Walkabout found.


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Re: Caps WIn!!!!
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Originally posted by Roadbike Mankie:
  I think that if the game is tied after regulation time.....both teams get a point a piece, then each team selects one player to represent them to have a dropped gloves, helmets off, good old 1970's style fight in the centre circle, the winner of which earns two extra points for his team.
 Would help attendance numbers if nothing else.   :)  now that'd be nice. he was such a friendly guy when i met him, that it was always great to see him rough someone up on the ice  :)  bring back the fights!

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Re: Caps WIn!!!!
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Caps 2 - Cains 7 Whatthefeck!!!!!
 Who's the caps management team this season?
 And just how good was that hit on Fagr by Sutherby?


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Re: Caps WIn!!!!
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I watched some of that game and I hope not all of hockey is like that, I know the rules have changed but it seems like you can't even be within five feet of a guy or you'll get called for a  penalty. Everyone was just skating untouched, I was bored to tears. WHERE'S THE HITTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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