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the fun cars bring us
« on: March 25, 2005, 04:21:00 pm »
is the neighborhood safe?  yes, if you care, no, if you don't.  such a weighty matter vs. how usually easy it is to park at nine thirty, being that if you don't show up right when the band is starting, and try to plan on some attempt of ariving "early."  i find parking at most other places to see a decent show, except for maybe black cat, way torture on the darting eyes and cursing mind as you keep on circling and dodging the one way, wrong turn streets.  does anyone know the best chance at d.a.r. const. hall, for parking?  folks have said to try the elipse parking right off constitution, or park on constitution ave. for that matter, while others say good luck on that, and the elipse lot may be closed for "security" reasons.  any help from the pro's would be helpful, because every time i go there, that close-by lot is always full, and street parking seems to be blocks . . . and blocks away.  tanks.