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« on: March 26, 2005, 12:27:00 pm »
ever.  answers or not, i still enjoy.  tanks.  i used to think that this place was just some assofmine production that involved people with no lives and all fingers.  i read and read the topics, and i'm starting to know that seriousness from people who care about real issues do abound here, and also idiots try to belong with posts to attack and feel a little taller in the grand perspective.  am i an idiot?  probably.  do i belong?  probably not.  do i attack?  opps.  can i spell correctly and use proper grammar?  never.  but i still enjoy.  tanks.  
 i never knew miss marple was markie . . . or even a guy for that matter.  i swares, mr. springer.  oy vey!  somebody slap me silly and bum rush the stage.