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Lou,Nico and John
« on: October 21, 2003, 06:44:00 pm »
A little-known 1972 concert which featured Velvet Underground principals Lou Reed and John Cale performing with Nico is finally going to see legitimate release via Burning Airlines in the UK November 3rd. The much-bootlegged concert, which will be released under the name Bataclan 72 after the Paris nightclub where the set was performed, includes live renditions of several Velvets classics including "Heroin," "Femme Fatale," "I'll Be Your Mirror," and "The Black Angel's Death Song" as well as solo compositions from both Reed and Cale. As added incentive for Velvets nuts to pony up, the release is expanded with two previously unheard rehearsal tracks, also both Velvets covers. Tracklist:
 01 Waiting For The Man
 02 Berlin
 03 The Black Angel's Death Song
 04 Wild Child
 05 Heroin
 06 Ghost Story
 07 Biggest, Loudest, Hairiest Group Of All
 08 Empty Bottles
 09 Femme Fatale
 10 Abscheid (No One Is There)
 11 Frozen Warnings
 12 Janitor Of Lunacy
 13 I'll Be Your Mirror
 14 Pale Blue Eyes [rehearsal]
 15 Candy Says [rehearsal]
 The release caps an extremely eventful year for Reed, who remains a prolific artist in conviction and creation, and certainly one of the most respected musicians of all time. This year alone (in one long-winded breath) Reed has: produced a Edgar Allen Poe-inspired album and book (The Raven, illustrated by Julia Schnabel), released a book of photography (Emotion I Action), released the career retrospective NYC Man, acted as reverend at a friend's wedding ceremony (that's just too bizarre to not be included), worked extensively beside Ulrich Maiss a.k.a Cellectric, was named by Rolling Stone as the 52nd best guitarist of all time, was a driving force behind the benefit album Where We Live, and is included on a new Warner Music release collecting live performances from the BBC's Later with Jools Holland program.