Author Topic: Exit Clov @Velvet Lounge Monday August 25th  (Read 721 times)


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Exit Clov @Velvet Lounge Monday August 25th
« on: August 18, 2003, 12:22:00 am »
Yes, I will promote my girlfriends band until you all hate me.
 But the band has its first ever gig with their new lineup at the Velvet Lounge. Not bad if you ask me. They are opening for Great Northern and Otis Finch, who seem like ok enough bands. But, if you don't like them it doesn't matter, cause it's the opening band that's certainly worth seeing. It's a monday, you have nothing better to do, the Black Cat is closed, and 930 has someone I've never heard of (which doesn't mean they are bad). I wouldn't be viciously promoting them if they weren't good. Don't you at least wanna see what the fuss is about? One day years from now you can thank me when they've hit it big, and you can say you "saw them when" cause of some loser who happened to be dating someone in the band. Hopefully by then, I still will be. has all the details!