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GENERAL DISCUSSION / Re: What Are You Listening To?
« Last post by hutch on Today at 06:21:37 pm »
Yabby You - Deliver me from my enemies (Lp)

The first bunch of Yabby los are as good as roots reggae gets...yet he is largely unknown

The Yabby dub sets are also great

Discovering his music 2-3 years ago was a very fortunate development for me
speaking of Lenny and his family

his kid is going to be in the remake of High Fidelity as a tv show

the immediate question was where exactly the concept could go from here.
Sure, hipster gatekeepers who’re bad at dating and love will exist until time immemorial, but between Nick Hornby’s acclaimed 1995 novel and Stephen Frears’ beloved 2000 movie, the bases seemed to be pretty well-covered.

until the idea of a female lead in the Rob Gordon role became part of the equation.

 For his part, the film’s star, John Cusack, is confident Disney will “fuck it up.”

I do think Cusack is right...but will hold judgement until its released
fair point.
Wilco in-store, 1995
I went to that record store in high school. (Kosmo almost certainly did as well.) That's a blast from the past.
Flight of the Concords Perform Father and Son
just love these guys

the ending is classic TFOTC

Hey Dad can I sit on your knee?
Got questions about the world that are troubling me
No Son you can't sit on my knee
You're too big you're thirty-three

Just like Maryland to steal names from Virginia...
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