Author Topic: Best and Worst shows at new and old club  (Read 16224 times)


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Re: Best and Worst shows at new and old club
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i have a new worse show at the club: passion pit last night.  i bought tickets for someone who bailed on me, but i thought to myself "they're paid for so i might as well go check out the show".  i want my evening back.  tokyo police club were alright.  passion pit oscillated between boring and awful.  i cannot understand how that crowd was so in to them.  the encore was executed horribly: they unsuccessfully communicated that they were leaving the stage, the crowd didn't know what was going on so they didn't really start cheering for them to come back, and they returned a minute later to only a small uptick in crowd appreciation.  ENCORE FAIL.  i lasted until the encore only because of my crackberry: in a bout of optimism, i told myself it had to get better so i caught up on e-mail.  the minute of (relative) silence brought back to my surroundings, at which point i realized i should have left 2 minutes into the 50-minute main set.

one good thing i will say about the show was that the crowd was possibly the most attractive one i've ever seen at the club.  lots of cuties in sundresses, shorts, tight tank-tops, etc.  almost like being on a college campus.  didn't make up for the performance on stage tho.